Thursday, June 13, 2013

Complete (And Genius Lunchbox Tip)

School year complete!  Check!  Check! And check!

Paul had his 8th grade completion ceremony.  My handsome boy/man.

Lan Lan had her end of grade school festivities.  First a luau,

Then the "clap-out" which is the perfect end for 6th grade--no over-the-top-graduation-ceremony, just 5th graders lining the halls while the 6th graders run through the school, then outside to their clapping families.  

Oh my goodness, this girl is such a fashion queen!  Like me!  NOT!!!!  Love her style!
Here's a picture of Mei Mei's end of the year class play.  

Today, her teacher had them all sit in a circle and called each one out individually, then told them everything she loved about them.  And then other children in the class were able to add what they appreciated about that classmate.  Mrs. V. is an amazing teacher who has been teaching for 40 years! She has been such a blessing for Mei Mei (and truly, I have an update about Mei Mei coming soon--pinky swear!).  

When the kids got home they unpacked backpacks.  I am sorry to say how many trees were killed because of my children (and even sorrier to say that I have to sort through all those papers).  I was very impressed with Patrick's use of pencils!  Ben Franklin would be so proud!  

And Vu unpacked this wig that I made for his Frannie K. Stein costume (basically a giant yarn tassel sewn onto the top of a winter hat).  He then told me he forgot to wear the wig!  After all my labor! So, I will force you all to oooooo  and awwwww over it.  Ready?

Ooooooooo!  Awwwwwww!

We are down two lunchboxes--not bad since the kids take them almost every day.  And here is a great tip I learned from a teacher.  Lunchboxes can go in the washer!  

Turn them inside-out, place them with a couple towels to help them move around, put in some baking soda and vinegar, then wash on warm.  Air dry.  Good as new and ready for next year!  Let the summer begin!

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