Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Doing Great!

I am so very happy to report that Mei Mei's surgery went GREAT! 

Grover rocks, but Vu was Anna's best "comfort object" of the day.

The surgeon wasn't entirely sure she would even be able to complete the surgery, due to problems with impacted teeth near the cleft.  We were thrilled that the surgery went very well.

She is in the hospital tonight, but has already managed to limp down to the playroom (her #1 priority post surgery).  She wants to come home, and be with her family, and had some tears about the prospect of staying overnight.

Thank you for all your prayers!


Unknown said...

Yea!!! We are dancing!!!! Thank You, Lord for Your great mercy!!!

maggie k said...

I will be praying for you and your daughter. My oldest daughter just had the same surgery and the recuperation went much better than I expected - so I will pray that your daughter's goes well too. Mine had some discomfort and needed some pain meds but only for 2 days and then was up and about - just not running around. Again will be praying for her and you.