Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Father's Day

Father's Day.  Spent with two of the men I love the most.  A little KFC on the patio of the care facility.

Every day with my dad is an unexpected gift, filled with eternal memories. 

Just last summer dad was healthy and strong, teaching Patrick how to chop wood.

How quickly life can change.  His legacy will be passed on through his children and grandchildren, and his life lessons will continue forever.  Kindness.  Hard work. Positive attitude.  Education.

And no matter what is happening in life, we'll always remember, "It's still a great day!" and that any challenge is really, "No problem!"

Dad couldn't make it to my graduation this year, but he's a large part of the reason I made it though.  Thanks Dad for all your love, support and encouragement!  I am who I am, because of YOU!

Bachelor's Degree 2010
Master's Degree 2013
Dad couldn't make it to my graduation so I brought it to him

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