Monday, June 24, 2013

Please Pray For Sweet Mei Mei

Mei Mei's having surgery on her cleft tomorrow (Tuesday).

This is not a fun surgery, with bone being taken from her hip and put into her gum line to fill space left by her cleft. 

She is very afraid!  Tonight she was crying as bedtime approached.  Vu had so much empathy for her and went into her bedroom and sang to her.  Then Lan Lan let her borrow her favorite pillow pet.  It was so very sweet!

Thank you so much for your prayers! 


Anonymous said...

Thoughts and prayers for a successful surgery...

Anonymous said...

Lifting Mei Mei up in prayer. What sweet precious siblings.

God bless


Matt 18:19

Anonymous said...

Dear Ann and MeiMei

My two daughters each had this surgery last summer. In our experience it was actually one of the easier surgeries--in and out the same day and off to visit friends the day after. One of my daughters had to have the surgery a second time ten months after the first because the graft got infected and her body rejected the bone, (so if you smell anything that doesn't seem right in a few weeks get her back into her doctor, it could be the bone rejecting). I know everyone reacts differently, but hopefully MeiMei has an experience similar to my two girls.

Best wishes with your little darling, MayLynne

emersonsky photography said...

My thoughts are with Mei Mei!