Sunday, July 14, 2013

Be Kind

Today is my parent's 40th wedding anniversary.  I remember their wedding so well.  I was 10 and so excited for my mom to remarry. 

My dad had never been married before, yet he married my mom and her three girls.  Yes, he married us all.  At their wedding his friends had written these letters on the bottom of his shoes--HELP.

A few years later my baby sister was born, but my mom and dad have always loved us all as if we were all born to them both--just like in adoption. 

My parents taught us so much in their 40 years of marriage--be loving, caring, hardworking, and faithful.  The greatest value is the one they talked about today, as we shared Chinese food and ice cream sundaes. 

 Mei Mei's Birthday
Be kind.

No matter what the circumstances, be kind to each other, to your family, and be kind to strangers.  And yes, even be kind to your enemies. 

Thank you Mom and Dad for sharing your 40 years of love and devotion.  You have a true love story, and we can only aspire to replicate the love and kindness you have in your marriage.  Thank you for teaching us about true love, through your actions and words, including how to be kind--to everyone. 

Summer 2010

We love you!!!

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