Tuesday, July 16, 2013

For The Birds

Yesterday we received information about an upcoming yearly campout.  Oh the excitement!  The kids couldn't wait to see who was going and what activities were planned!

The campout includes about 80 adoptive families who return year after year for FUN!  Our kids look forward to this like a kid on a blended diet looks forward to blended French fries (oh the crazy things we are beginning to try!)!  It's the place almost all of our children have learned to ride a two-wheeler!

The campout reminds me that I never really explained our fellow travelers last summer on the great MONDO adventure.

Remember these two?

Well, in case you've never noticed, our family is a bit obsessed by the OSU Beavers.

Go Beavs!

Rumor has it that we STOLE the birds at a previous campout from friends who are . . . well, shall we say, from the other side?  Duck fans.  Boo!  Yes, we make friends even with people who are confused about which team to cheer for.

Photo used without permission.  Photo stolen with utter abandon from owner's facebook page. 

But now, really, do you think we are the type of people who would steal someone else's beloved pets??? From their campsite??  I don't think so!

The truth is that our two bird friends hopped into our car, just south of our home, at the beginning of our adventure. 

They followed us around and had a grand adventure!  The loved all the historic sites, beaches, and time with wonderful friends!  They discovered that Beaver fans have all the fun!

In fact, when we got home, they begged and begged to have us convert them into true Beaver fans. 

It was our honor.

They strutted around with newfound confidence and a new outlook on life.

And when we went to the campout last year, they took flight and became missionaries.

Last we heard, they were still out converting Ducks into Beavers.  I have a feeling we are going to be seeing our birds at this year's campout!  Stay tuned!

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Debbie Dunham said...

Oh my, my! How the truth gets twisted :-)