Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Love Of A Foster Sister

We had such a lovely time visiting Lan Lan's foster sister, R, from China.

We enjoyed spending time with R's family--they are such great hosts!

And we have so much in common, including large families!  R's family has ten children and will soon bring home two more boys from China.  I loved talking for hours to R's mom about everything from adoption to organizing kids' bedrooms.  While we were there they gave a bridal shower for their niece and Lan Lan loved participating!

Lan Lan and R lived in the same foster home for over five years, and they have an indescribably close bond.

They are survivors who depended on each other for so much, including love and friendship.

Keeping our children in touch with the people they loved prior to adoption is a huge priority for us.  It gives our kids a link to their past and security in knowing that those they loved are doing well in life.

I simply can't describe the love that exists between these girls.  Precious!




Anonymous said...

you are amazing parents!!


Sally-Girl! said...

Makes my heart so happy for Lanlan!!!