Saturday, August 10, 2013

Living In The Fastlane!

Remember that post months ago about slowing life down?  (I'd look up the link, but I don't have time!) Well, slowing down hasn't happened.  And I think I'm finally accepting the fact that it never will--I'm meant to live in the fast lane!  Life's too short to slow down! 

I love this reminder in our doctor's office:

With a two-day turnaround we unpacked Disney and went to the adoptive family campout for a week.  My sister joined with her three kids, and another nephew came, so it was a family affair, filled with day-upon-day of camping fun! 

Over 60 adoptive families came and each family coordinates a craft or activity--karaoke was a favorite!

And sandboarding,

Along with friendship bracelets, line dancing, cops 'n robbers, sword fights, football, biking, and campfires!

I cherish the relationships my children create, both with other children and adults--all with families that look similar to ours!

We got home and two hours later I was sitting in a job interview!  I DID take a shower, but can't help wonder if I filled the room with the smoke-de-la-campfire fragrance! 

Livin' in the fastlane and enjoying summer to the fullest!

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