Friday, August 2, 2013

The Happy Place

Oh me, oh my!  I can't believe we've travelled 2,000 miles in the last week.  Tales to tell and so much fun!  At this point I am too tired for a real post, but I will throw out some pictures of some amazing kids who LOVED the happiest place on earth.

Or course, there was the afternoon where everyone was hot and tired and I suddenly understood why mothers eat their young!  Lunch and a parade helped bring back the magic!  My sister and her kids joined us one day making it extra fun.  So little time, so many rides . . . tired, but happy tired.

On long car trips I will often ride in the very back middle seat--the one all the kids say is the worst seat in the house!  I honestly don't mind (except for the seatbelts that poke my butt), and the car puts me to sleep anyway, but I often state that the kids don't know what they're missing! The back middle is actually the best seat in the house because of the great view out the front window!

As we loaded up for the long drive home, I couldn't really claim that it had the best view in the house--the view was, shall we say, a bit on the big green Goofy side . . . .

And yes, she wore it ALL the way home! 

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