Sunday, October 13, 2013

From Kim: My Trip to Korea

Note:  This post comes late as Kim, Paul, and Hubby have already taken to the friendly skies!  They are having an adventure and I am wishing I was there!  Kim wrote this before leaving and I neglected to post it.  Soooo, tho delayed, enjoy Kim's thoughts on travelling back to her birth country along with pictures of the travels.

Hey guys this is Kim, in less than a week I will be heading to South Korea with my dad and my brother Paul. I am SUPER SUPER EXCITED and HAPPY! I am really looking forward to going back to my birth place and seeing my brothers birth place. It is a little nerve wracking just because after my adoption I have never actually stayed in Korea more than over night. I know it will be different from China, and I know it is going to be an experience that I will never forget. I am looking forward to this trip just because I know we're going to have a blast together and I will take a ton of pictures. Going over to another place out of the country is a really cool and unbelievable experience that I will always remember. I am lucky to get a chance like this.

Parents who have or are wanting to adopt will probably like to hear this. I went back to visit for a day and to see my foster mom when I was in fifth grade, so around 10-years-old. I think that it was a really neat experience for a 10-year-old.  I hadn't seen my foster mom since I was a baby. I'm glad I went back when I was younger--I think it makes it less scarier and/or nerve-wracking when your kid is younger because if I hadn't had the chance to go and meet my foster mom when I was 10 it would be a lot scarier to me now that I am 16-years-old.  I mean I know I'm a lot bigger and mature, but to me it would still be really scary to meet her when I wouldn't of even remembered what she looked like even though I have a picture of her and I when I was a baby.  I feel mostly excited and only a little bit nervous, whereas some of my friends who have gone back to their birth country for the first time as a teenager felt the opposite.  My point is that if it is possible, I think it is good to take a child back to visit for the first time when they are younger.


Becky said...

Have an amazing time! I'm SO glad you wrote about how important you thought it was to take kids back at a young age. We are taking our son and daughter back to visit Ethiopia next year, and we worried that they will be too little. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

How fun and exciting. So great you got to visit your birth country.


Sally-Girl! said...

Kim, you need to post more or send info to me as Lauren is wanting to go to Korea for her Senior Graduation gift. We went and worked in her orphanage for one week when she was ten and then travelled for one more week. It was awesome! She LOVES KPOP and anything Korean. We offered a trip to Europe with us or a trip to Korea with other young adult adoptees for next summer. She is for sure leaning towards Korea!

So thrilled you got to go!!