Monday, October 28, 2013

Celebrating Mei Mei

I've been promising an update on Mei Mei forever.  I've sat down to write it many times.  I've even written it--then never published it.  I've pondered how much to share.  It's her story.  But it's also my story.  And it's our journey--complicated because of the many challenges she faced in her difficult past.  When she someday reads this blog I want her to be okay with everything I've shared.

And yes, I did say, "when she reads this blog."  Mei Mei is now reading!  And she has gone from not even understanding the concept of numbers to being able to count to 100, add and subtract.  She had very little Chinese language and now she speaks in full paragraphs all day long!  When she came home eighteen months ago, I never would have thought this possible.

But honestly, for all Mei Mei's gains, I've made more.  I've learned to celebrate Mei Mei for who she is and not fret about what she might someday become.  I celebrate her for her.  When she first came home and I realized her extreme delays I felt a rising panic--that she might never learn to read, go to school, drive, or be independent.  Now, I don't fret about those things.  Not because I know she will achieve them (although I think she will, given enough time), but because I love her and accept her simply for who she is. 

Why does our society think so narrowly about what is "right"?  About the trajectory our children should follow?  About what is normal and healthy and perfect?

Mei Mei is perfect.  She is the sweetest, kindest child I have ever known!  She is intuitive, fun, thoughtful, caring, and loving.  She is exuberant and loves to try new things!  She is FULL OF JOY!

Why doesn't society value those characteristics more? 

I know I've learned to. 

Mei Mei has come so very far.  She was a baby bird who just needed a chance to soar.  To love and be loved.  To be accepted fully and completely no matter what!

Mei Mei is a miracle unfolding.  So am I.  Oh, how I love this sweet, sweet girl!  I am so thankful God spoke to my fears.  I am SO, SO thankful Mei Mei is ours!!!

I am reminded of something a friend recently wrote.  Andrea is an adoptive parent who has met many challenges in her children's health--challenges that are truly life altering.   Andrea sums up her adoption journeys and speaks to my own heart:

"Forrest Gump was right.  Life is like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you're gonna get.  The secret to our happiness has been to embrace that NOT look at the guide that comes with the box of chocolates in an attempt to control which piece we get.  Sometimes, it's closing your eyes and just taking that chance, that step, that brings the most divine and supreme joy and fulfillment in life."


Unknown said...

Well, you just got to KNOW that i love, love, LOVE this post! What a beautiful testimony to the Lord's grace and goodness! Totally love your family and your willingness to share it with us. Coll

Alex and Riann said...

What a gift it was to meet you Mei Mei last week, to see her sparkle. God is good, and this post (and quote) were a gift. God does know just what we need to grow -- kiddos and parents, both. Much love to you and yours.