Sunday, October 6, 2013

Teaching Independence Amongst Sweet Summer Memories

Somehow, life continues on.  It's been crazy.  It's nice to have a weekend just to relax a bit.  And blog.  And move from summer to fall mode.  One of my favorite pictures of the summer is my current header.

I love seeing the various family members out fishing and boating and I can't help but wonder what was so important to Mei Mei as she runs back up to the cabin.

It seems like such a long time ago, but it was extra special to have Will and family up enjoying the great outdoors!  Our granddaughter is such a sweet darling!

There were fishing contests, boat races, and just fun!


One special memory was watching our old crew of captains teach our new crew of captains how to handle the pontoon boats.

We started them out by attaching long ropes and letting them become comfortable rowing.  It seemed to be a great analogy to parenting in general--allowing our kids to become independent. 


And eventually we took off the ropes and gave them free reign.  At one point Vu got out further than intended, and a wind pickup up.  I was certain we would have to send out the Coast Guard, but he surprised me and was able to get himself back in!  It was a great reminder that sometimes my kids are more capable than I realize!

Good times and good memories get us through hard times.  Goodbye sweet cabin . . . see you next summer!


Anonymous said...

It does look like lots of fun. Hope you had beautiful weather today, I am so glad we did but rain to come again. All my kids and granddaughter love the water too.

God bless you


"Are These Kids All Yours?" said...

Beautiful analogy! Great reminder as well!

One Thankful Mom said...

Love the pics! Just wanted to say hello and tell you I'm still reading despite the lack of comments. One of these days we're going to meet...