Monday, October 14, 2013

Thunder Cake

We don't have a lot of thunder and lightning here, but this year has been an exception.  We've had several big storms that have included booming thunder and crackling skies!

On more than one night we woke up to several children on our bedroom floor.  I knew it was time for . . .

the retelling of a very special book and the creation of a very special cake.

Thunder Cake! 
I love this story, by Patricia Polacco.  The recipe is included and the secret ingredient is surprising indeed!


Anonymous said...

Ann, We LOVE that book at our house too. Every time I read one of your blog entries I think that if we knew each other irl we would be good friends. I have both birth and adopted kids and 3 of my adopted kids were born with cleft lip and palate. Your entries about Kim's and MeiMei's surgeries have been helpful to my girls and I am looking forward to more entries from Kim as she visits her homeland.

MayLynne Emiry

Ann said...

Oh MayLynne it would be wonderful to meet! E-mail me!