Saturday, November 16, 2013

Large Family Living: Bath Towels

I love it when an idea (finally) works.

Assigning bath towels.

I had tried it in the past with no success.  I would take the towels we already had in the house and try to divvy them up.  It never worked.  Even I couldn't remember which towel was whose.  And instead of towels being hung up so they could be used again, they would congregate in a pile of mildew in teenagers rooms.  Which meant a lot of laundry and a lack of towels.  And an unhappy laundress.

This time I bought each child 2 towels in their own designated color.  The towels were inexpensive and quick drying. 

I also hung hooks from the back of their bedroom doors. 

It's been working for well over a year now.  Shazam!  Less laundry is awesome! 

And the best part is, if I see a towel around the house, I know who left it there!


Anonymous said...

I use this idea too it works wonderfully. Love the picture you captured with the snowman. :)


Sally-Girl! said...

Okay, I take it even a step further! They all are color coded for cups, placemats, plates etc. This way if anything is left out I know whose it is but also helps with when my one son who gets strep more often than I would like not spread it to his siblings as they only use their cups to drink. I do with with toothpaste as well. Each kid has their own toothpaste!

I would love to know the towels that you found that are quick drying though and how you installed hooks on the back of their doors? I have had no luck with either!

Ann said...

Sally, I have tried the dish thing but realize I need to buy specific dish colors. I need to try it again. also, love the toothpaste idea!

The quick drying towels are from Target and the hooks are just the peel and stick adhesive hooks--the ones set for 5 pounds. They have been up for over a year now. Hope this helps!