Saturday, January 11, 2014

Organization That Works!

I love to reorganize in January.  It's a quiet month, and one where the weather doesn't lend itself to spending time outdoors.  Organization does NOT come naturally to me, so when I find things that work I'm one happy mom!  I've had a few grand slams the last year and thought I would share.

First is the anti-procrastination list and the medical folder .  I am happy to report these two organization ideas have worked very well.  I do get behind, but they help.  With all the medical bills and surgeries we've had in the past year the folder gets a work out!

Other large family survival tips that have been working especially well is keeping a white-board  in the kitchen and an "in-box".  On the board I post chores and the weekly calendar of events.  It isn't pretty, but it's so much easier to make sure everyone knows who is supposed to do what, when, where!  (FYI I did clean off my counter for your viewing pleasure!)

My "in-box" is a large serving-type tray.  There are little post-it notes for my kids to write me reminders i.e. things they need at the store.  They can put papers they need signed and I can place outgoing items like lunch account checks.  It's working great! The only challenge is keeping people from putting things in it that don't belong there!

Organizing holiday decorations started years ago when we invested in seasonal, color coordinated storage bins.  They definitely help us find things in the attic!  Last year I labeled the contents of each box on the top and side. 

It made decorating SO much easier this year--no digging through each box to find the nativity set!  And it also made putting things away easier and more streamlined.  I was more motivated to fill one box every day, rather than becoming overwhelmed with the Christmas put-away. 

Finally, one other item--a bike rack. 

It was purchased on amazon for $50 and is very durable.  It holds 5 bikes and definitely helps keep the garage tidy.  And it is entirely responsible for preventing my husband from having a stroke with all the bikes!

Currently, I'm organizing the attic.  Pray for me.  It's ugly.  And it's been on the "poop list" for years.  If you feel so inclined, bring some coffee and come chat with me while I dig my way out!  Tell me all your great ideas for organizing--I always love new survival tips!


Sally-Girl! said...

I have done my spice cabinet, my knife drawer, gadget drawer, drawer by my stove and the shelf above my washer and dryer!! It feels so good.

Ordering the bike rack NOW!!!


amber said...

I have a large three ring binder that I call Mission Control Documents. There's a tab for each family member and I put anything I need to keep but don't refer to often (like their school class schedule, teacher contact info, sports schedule after I write all the games on the main calendar, things for that child I am not sure I am supposed to keep or throwaway yet (like fundraiser forms), etc.

kathy said...

I don't do anything to organize. Everything is a mess! However I do like to hear of success stories, gives me hope.