Thursday, March 6, 2014

Getaway--And Learn Lesson in Large Family Living

Hubby and I decided it was time for some couple time.  I don't like leaving the kids, but I'm glad Hubby insists or we would never get away.  We usually stick close to home--sometimes we go to my parent's cabin, or get a hotel, or we have even stayed in a campground yurt.  Our main goal is to get some hot, passionate, unadulterated sleep!  And have long conversations without interruptions!

This time we had some frequent flyer miles that were about to expire so we decided to go somewhere warm and sunny.

Except, somehow we brought the rain with us.  It didn't keep us from finding an In 'n Out Burger.

Or Starbucks.  And yes, I did get a collector coffee mug.  I LOVED seeing Starbucks with a huge ship right behind it.  So cool!

Day two brought some sun and beautiful walks on the beach.

We also found some cute shops near the ferry landing--and a great bar-be-que place!

We both love history so we enjoyed a tour of a naval ship.

It is amazing to think of thousands of men all together on a ship for months and months.  I especially loved seeing how they fed and clothed and cared for all those sailors.  Lessons in large family living!

The laundry room was a dream come true!

And the kitchen?

Wow!  They cooked ten TONS of food each day!!!  The cooks would bake 650 pies in one day (and I whine when I make one--even with store-bought crust!)!  Big everything!

Now that's a pot of beans!

It was a very relaxing weekend.  Our flight was delayed so we didn't get home until 3 am, but it was worth it! Now, back to reality!  I might even bake a couple pies and make a big ol' pot of beans!

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