Saturday, April 19, 2014

That LAME Easter Bunny!!!

See that basket of stuff?

That was me.  At the grocery store.  Today.  Yes, today.  Getting Easter basket stuff.

And I am struck by the change that has occurred over the years.  I used to be that mom who actually took TIME to think about making those baskets special.  My kids received things like cross necklaces and Bibles.  And fun stuff like bubbles and sidewalk chalk and Nerf footballs. 

And then I had more kids and less time and things just kept going downhill a bit more and a bit more until they were just getting a group gift like a movie and individual fun candy.

And here I am today.  At the grocery store.  Getting the remnants of what is left on the shelf. Gatorade, sunflower seeds, popcorn, a chocolate bunny.  Just food.  No toys.  No movies.  No gifts. 


I have become lame. 

We haven't even dyed Easter eggs.  Yet. 

We will. 


Regardless, Easter will be the celebration of new beginnings.  Resurrection.  Rebirth.  Renewal.


Happy Easter to you and yours!  May your day be filled with all that you hold dear and the promise of life to come!


Sidny said...

I think that people have taken Easter and pushed it overboard, anyway. It has become a mini-Christmas. As a kid, we always got a basket with some candy (not a ton, but a decent amount) and usually one little gift - which usually translated to a book for me, and a small lego set or something similar for my brother. Not sure what my older brothers got, as I never paid much attention, and we were too busy swapping candy with each other out of our identical baskets, so we could have an ultimate basket full of amazing stuff that we actually liked.

Sammy said...

LOL Love your honesty. I've gone down hill too!

Anonymous said...

So glad to hear of another mom who has dropped the Easter ball. Seven kids in and I just can't seem to keep up the way I used to! I agree with Sidny, Easter has gone a bit over board. I throw some eggs around the living room to create an egg hunt and if there is time, (that is key, it doesn't happen every year) each person has a small gift like a sand pail or skipping rope.

Happy Easter! MayLynne

maggie k said...

This is a not a comment on your post - just being contrary :) Wanted to mention that I saw your article in the Holt magazine. I was so excited to see it - even though we have never met - I feel like I know you. So it was like - look what my friend wrote! Maybe you can add a link to it on your blog so that everyone who may not be a Holt family can read it and get some of your tips on bonding. Just a thought.