Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Brain Rest

Life continues to move full-steam ahead (and I sometimes have to remind myself that I like the fast-paced life.) 

Unfortunately, Kim has been in the slow-lane the past few weeks recovering from a concussion she suffered after a simple fall in long-jump practice.   

It happened in early April and she is just now to the point she is back in school full-time.

I am surprised at how differently concussions are perceived these days compared to when the older boys played football.  Brain Rest is now considered key.  Brain Rest consists of basically laying down in a quiet room and doing NOTHING (not even watching TV or reading).  Kim didn't have much choice as even sitting up brought tremendous headaches.  It's been quite worrisome!  To say the least!

She did try to participate in life.  I remember at Easter she helped dye eggs (yes, mission accomplished on the eggs!) and make family Academy Award Winning "Selfies." 

But even simple activity would end her up here.

After lots of doctor appointments, concussion specialists, a trip to the ER, acupuncture, physical therapy and "cupping"--

In addition to lots of brain rest and tons of sleep--she is finally starting to feel back to normal.

Which is good.  Very good!  So thankful!!!

A few more pictures of Easter since I have a whole lotta making up to do!  You will notice that the Easter Bunny was caught on camera this year! 



Sidny said...

So glad that she is feeling better!

And these pictures of the kids are crazy! They're all so grown up now!

Sammy said...

Hope K is feeling better, and someone is getting really long pretty hair! So, the view from your house is mountains?! Gorgeous.