Friday, June 27, 2014

Love Rocks--Updated

The other night I went out on a long walk.  It wasn't a leisurely stroll, it was a mad-rant stomp.

I had been making dinner only to find out that most of my kids had already filled up on snacks or their own dinner selection.  This was after a string of previous days where I had heard one too many complaints about food. 

So I did what any wonderful mother would do.  I told my kids I was on a cooking strike! And I would not cook again until they could stop complaining about food and eating all the snacks like locusts--forever!

And then I put on my shoes and went for a long walk.  I walked a different way than normal and I came upon this on someone's driveway. 

"LOVE ROCKS!  Simply sharing love and joy one rock at a time.  Please take one, or leave to share with others." 

Which made me smile.  And I picked the light rock on the left with the red heart.  It has little, craggly, brown marks, which reminded me that life isn't perfect, but even on hard days there is always LOVE. 

Update:  A reader let me know the story behind the love rocks.  Thank you Erika for your comment.  It means so much to me to know more about the meaning of the rocks and when I look at my rock on my desk I will think of the girls, and remember to live a love-drenched life. 

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Anonymous said...

your love rocks

you don't have to have a FB page to see it.