Saturday, June 28, 2014

No Electonics? Hit The Panic Button!

Today was a momentous day.  One my children will remember in this summer of 2014.

For one, we went to our granddaughter's 2nd birthday party (pictures soon).

For two, I shut down my kids' electronics.  For at least two weeks.  And maybe the whole summer.

They are not happy about this decision.

But, it was getting out of hand.  WAAYYY beyond that!  During the school year they can't play on school days.  But summer gives more free rein.  And Oh, how easy it is to silently succumb to electronics.  Some of my kids more than others.  Did you know it is very easy to quietly hide away and play video games for a very long time?  Even HOURS?  And when the brakes are put on that, it is very easy to just wake up super, duper early (5am) and sneak in some I-touch time? 

My teens are not the ones who struggle the most.  It is my younger kids.  Which is really quite worrisome.  And even worse--they can't imagine their lives without electronics (one child in particular). 

After an argument between two kids over Guitar Hero I was just done.  D-O-N-E. 

No video games, computer, TV, movies, i-touch, i-pod, i-am-so-done. 

And I am posting it here so I will not chicken out the next time I feel tempted to give in (most often when I want to get some work done). 

Let the experiment begin! 

This will either be the best, or worst, summer of our lives!

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Anonymous said...

I have a sneaky suspicion this Wil happen at our house this summer as well. I so struggle with summer and lack of schedule/structured activities...and mindless tv watching, iPods, Netflix you name it! Good luck...I am a caver hence the issue...