Thursday, June 26, 2014

Please Share Your Secrets!

Many people are shocked when they hear we have ten kids.  They imagine the laundry, the cooking, and the noise.  Honestly, those are not the big challenges.  For me, it's the educational aspects (but it's summer so I won't go there) and getting all the kids to all the appointments (and it's summer so I WILL go there because summer means LOTS of appointments). 

I'm not complaining about the appointments--we are so lucky to live in a country where medical care is amazing and we are doubly-lucky to have health insurance.  We knew that several of our adopted children had special needs that would require more medical care. 

I'm just kind of rethinking if there is a way to make appointments less time consuming?  More streamlined?   

One of my time downfalls when it comes to appointments is that I am willing to drive to a specialist who is considered the best in the area.  I've been asking myself if this is really necessary?  As an example, I often drive past numerous other eye doctors to drive the 30 minutes to an eye doctor who is highly recommended.  It makes sense to go to the best available with my kids who have serious eye issues, but for everyone?  I'm not so sure.  In many ways I am craving a life where we can just ride our bikes to the eye doctor/dentist/pediatrician etc.  Ya know? 

I'm wondering how other parents work out appointments?  Do you do a ton in a day and get them over with?  Spread them out?  Avoid holidays?  Only use providers who have short wait times?  Divide and Conquer (husband does medical, wife does dental)?  I'm looking forward to hearing your thoughts!

And now, for your viewing pleasure, here is Set of Braces #8.

I'm thinking I really should have become an orthodontist! 

This week has also brought kid-needing-glasses #5. 

He looks so grown up, huh?  And cute! 

And my tip-of-the-day regarding glasses is go to Costco!  They are MUCH cheaper and are known to have the best quality control!  AND they now take insurance--hurray! 


T.Breher said...

I could use some strategies around this as well! We only have five children but they have 56 therapy appointments a month (combined) plus soccer, dance and archery lessons. When you add doctor, dentist and eye exams it really becomes unmanageable (even with one stay-at-home parent). I am looking forward to hearing how others manage this better than we do!

T.Breher said...
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Half Dozen Mama said...

For glasses we use The glasses start at $6.99. Shipping is $4.95 no matter how many you order. We have used them for several years now and been very happy. My last order was 6 pairs for $150! (2 pairs of regular sunglasses, 2 pairs of glasses and 2 pairs of bifocals)
This means that when my dd lost her glasses in a pond, while swimming, no one had to die. I simply ordered her a new pair.