Friday, June 20, 2014

Were You Feeling Bad I Didn't Send You A Christmas Card?

I am in the midst of cleaning.  A closet.  THE closet.

Our home office has a large closet that has become a dumping ground for paperwork.  And books, art supplies, backpacks, cables, school supplies, and all those do-hickies that we don't know what to do with.

Ya know?

Not only that, there are baskets of things that came from our OLD house!!! 

Apparently, it's true confession time. 

It was so overwhelming I finally decided to take it on like an elephant---one bite at a time.

I made this rule that EVERYTIME I went into the office I had to do something with 5 things in the closet.  This might mean throwing it away, putting it in the Goodwill box, filing it, or finding its appropriate home.  It could be 5 bigger things or 5 pieces of paper. 

Often, I would get started and deal with way more than 5 things.  Other times I would walk in to get something and then be reminded of my "rule."  Ugh!  (You would think I would have just quit going in there, but I am a slow learner.)

Well, guess what I came upon today?

Well first, let me ask you, did you get a Christmas card two years ago?

Because I know I mailed them.  ALL of them.  I specifically remember putting them ALL in envelopes and sealing them up.

BUT, somehow, they ALL ended up in my office closet. 

A giant stack!

So, please put me back on your friend list, and just know that your friend is truly losing it!

And if you didn't receive a Christmas card, please enjoy the gift with this post.  SHAZAM!  Christmas cards delivered!

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