Friday, January 30, 2015

Another Teenager--And Rules For A Successful Sleepover

I'm not quite sure what Hubby and I were thinking when we grew our family to include so many children, so close in age.  We will soon have FIVE teenagers in the house.  We never lack for teenage drama (as shown in my last post). 
And our Vu is now a teenager!  With a phone to prove it. 
Sidenote: he did not use his phone for several days and eventually informed us he did not know how to use such an antique phone!
But I also love the teen years!  And one great plus is that slumber parties become much easier.
Then again, I've learned a thing or two about how to have an easy-peasy slumber party.  There are a certain number of rules to follow in order to have a pain-free slumber party that just might include slumber.
  • Rule #1  Always have the party on Friday night because then you know all the kids were up bright and early and kept busy all day
  • Rule #2  Take them all swimming for 2 hours  (Rule #1 + Rule #2 = Tired Kids Guaranteed!)
  • Rule #3  Buy only caffeine-free drinks (and even then I'm tempted to add Benadryl!)
  • Rule #4  Provide lots of pizza and ice cream and junk food
  • Rule #5  Provide lots of video games
  • Rule #6  When it's time for lights-out, strategically try to have the kids somewhat separated in the bedroom or family room. You can accomplish this by moving/arranging furniture before the party (so the kids won't all be able to put their sleeping bags right together) 
  • Rule #7  Have the parents take their kids home at 9:30 the next morning
Vu would also say that Rule #8 is to invite people at the last minute (my specialty!) so they will give money as gifts.  Because teenagers like money.  He adds that one can only hope their friends do not have mothers (like his own) that have a go-to-last-minute-gift-closet of lame gifts.  Yes he said that.  And I am so glad I am teaching my son the true meaning of gift-giving and receiving!  (And for the record not all those gifts in my go-to closet are lame!)
Notice Vu's man purse?  Yes, that is a Tupperware container and yes, he packs that to the store to spend his money.  Apparently it can double as a hat!
And I have learned a new rule for taking my child to a sleepover.  Take them with nothing.  I mean nothing except the clothes on their backs.  A friend taught me this.  She says she finally learned that allowing her kids to haul a bunch of stuff to a sleepover just means they will leave a bunch of stuff behind.  As she says, "I used to pack a change of clothes and toothbrush and finally realized I was dreaming!  They never changed their clothes and never brushed their teeth, so now I just drop 'em off and pick 'em up!"  Easy-peasy!  I agree!
Happy Birthday Vu!  Your name means "the bringer of light" and it fits you perfectly!  I love your smiles, hugs, insightfulness, and kind heart.  May 13 be a great year! 

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