Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas Photorama

Christmas Break is nearly over.  We've had some good times and great memories.  I'm sad to see it go, although I'm glad 2014 is over--out with the old and in with the new!  Hoping for a plain old BORING and DULL 2015! Ha! 
Several of my kids wanted FOOD for Christmas!  Yes, FOOD (meaning junk food!) 
And I got an awesome gift!  Can't wait to hatch my little pig!
We went on our first family trip since last summer to my sister's cabin.  This was the best gift!  Eight people in a car for seven hours is a true gift! (Did I ever mention we no longer own my beloved Big Blue Beast?  And the kids have grown a lot since our Pilot trip of 2012!)
There is always so much fun and the cousins play and play (sometimes side-by-side on electronics!).  There is time for reading, crafts, puzzles, and conversation.  The Chinese lanterns are magical!
And did I mention there is snow?  And snow is the-bomb-dot-com!
And we end with lots of goodbye hugs.  Until next year! 
Goodbye Christmas!  Goodbye 2014!  


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures and getting to spend time together. Thanks for sharing!

kathy said...

Love you guys! Missing home and my family. Pictures bring back a flood of memories of simplicity. Ann ! Are you in the back seat!!!