Sunday, January 11, 2015

Driving Drama and Trauma

Do you have teens?  Young adults? 

Do they drive?  Do you drive?

Do you have a child who will be driving soon?

Do you hang around anyone who drives, has teen drivers, pays insurance, or lives near any type of road or sidewalk?

If so, do not read this post.  I repeat.  Do not read this post. 

It contains graphic images that might be extremely disturbing.

2014 wasn't our best year for many reasons.  There were multiple types of trauma occurring in our household including:


#4  Photo not available. 

And #4 actually happened in 2013, but I'm complaining, and when I'm complaining it is fun to keep adding on.

#1 and #2 occurred 2 weeks apart.  Uh-huh. 

And while #2 may not look that bad, the door can no longer be opened from the outside.  And the window spent several weeks stuck in the "down" position.  (Did I mention we live in one of the rainiest parts of the US?)  Lucky for my kids, someone who really loves them fixed the window for free!

And yes, #1 was as bad as it looks.  You might notice the picture was taken in the junk yard.  Nuf said. 
Thankfully, nobody was seriously hurt in any of the accidents!

I should also add (as long as I'm ranting) that 2014 memories included multiple flat tires, dead batteries, cars dying on the side of the freeway, and a plethora of car repairs. 
In fact, we no longer own THE LEMON.
It was cute, but it was a repair nightmare!!!

It was also the end of an era.  The Big Blue Beast was sold.  Yes, SOLD! 
To a church.  Yes, The Beast (aka The Monster, The Momster and The Shaggin' Wagon) will spend its golden years where it yearned to be from day one--as a church youth-group van! 

The church never needs to know that the van was once used by heavily perspiring football players, crazy celebrating seniors, and streaking teenagers!  Right?  Good times. 
And if we can get through 2015 without a car accident.  I will be very, very happy! 
Whose idea was it to have so many teenagers all at once?! Sheesh! 


Anonymous said...

I have many less kids and only one approaching driving age, and I hope I handle it with as much nerve, humor, and motherly resolve as you do! No idea how you keep so calm in the midst of all that car drama! The good news, as you wrote, was that everyone is safe and sound, and that is the most important thing!

kathy said...

How did Hubby react? So funny! Only Natalie drives and I taught her so she is a good driver!!!
On the note of broken down cars we might beat you! Ours are old and need everything repaired! So last Summer while Checo wasnt working he had our mechanic over daily! My car a 2000 Blazers gas gauge didnt work. I ran out of gass much to often. Thank goodness for cell phones to call for help! Thought I would share