Saturday, February 7, 2015

Happy Days!

One of the miracles of caring for a young child is seeing the world all over again--through their eyes!  Our granddaughter is in town and we love spending time with her!  The Children's Museum was a big hit!
Lizzy and Lan Lan came too.  The blessings of homeschool and college! 
The museum had a cute circus exhibit.  I loved the concession stands -- the hotdogs and cotton candy would be fun to make for those who sew and crochet.  Adorable!
Enjoying the fun of this precious one makes the days extra special!
 It's always a gift when Will, Cookie, and Sweatpea come to visit!

Friday, February 6, 2015

Evenings And Weekends At The CrazyForKids House

Our life right now--Lan Lan, Patrick, Mei Mei and Paul:
Plus Lan Lan ballet and Vu karate. 
Livin' the dream. 
We believe team sports are really good for kids and worth the sacrifice.
But is it wrong that I am looking forward to the end of basketball season?