Thursday, March 19, 2015

Math--Common Core and Homeschooling

The new Common Core is a hot topic around our state.  Patrick has his own opinions. 
Patrick--all dressed up for his band concert. 
One song was played together with multiple bands-- 446 musicians!
Patrick made us all laugh with his personal explanation of how math has changed: 
"Common Core math is now just another language arts class--with a few numbers thrown in!" 
And for kids who struggle in reading, this is really sad.
Lan Lan is being homeschooled this year, in part because of her challenges with reading.  We discovered a totally awesome math program called Teaching Textbooks.  It is a self-paced computer program that explains the lessons clearly without a lot of reading.  This is a great program for filling in the holes that often exist for kids adopted at older ages, and also for kids still learning English.  Lan Lan, who has previously struggled in math, LOVES the program so much she has already completed one-and-a-half years!  (And no, I don't receive anything for promoting it.  But if you try it and you love it, you can send me money.  Or chocolate.)
Homeschool has been a great fit for Lan Lan, and there have been many positives in helping her catch-up and have extra parenting time.  Homeschooling is a lot of work, but worth it! 

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