Friday, March 20, 2015

Prayers Please

We are starting Spring Break early!  Today I leave for San Francisco with the four youngest kids.  We are going to my sister's.  Soooo excited!!!  But it is a LONG drive, so prayers appreciated!
The older crew is staying home.  Hubby's going to keep making money by going to work, Lizzy's going to finish her clinical rotation and work, and Paul is going to a work interview.
Who could say no to this face? And he has such an awesome personality!

Kim is hopefully going to work too.  She was recently hired at a vet clinic, but she has really been struggling with headaches lately.  We've been on a round of doctors and they have ruled out all the "bad stuff,"  which is relieving, but also leaving Kim without answers.  Which is hard.  But I was reminded last night that God knows the answers.  We are trusting, but also praying for some headache relieve.  Will you all join me in praying together?  Thank you! 
And as a thank you for your prayers, I will give you some eye candy from when our granddaughter was here.  She LOVES Kim!  She wasn't so sure about trying a sugar cookie.  But watch her reaction below! 


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