Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Proof I Am A Genius! And Probably A Descendant Of Benjamin Franklin.

Benjamin Franklin would be so proud.  About a month after Christmas I found candy canes on sale for 90% off.  Yes, pennies a box.  And my kids were super excited! They even ground up candy canes and put them in their hot chocolate!
Until they hit about box ten, and then they seemed to lose their lust for peppermint.
So on a recent weekend basketball tournament I brought along the last box of candy canes.  Which was met with cheers of glee!!!  Best mom of the year award!
Ha.  You know that is not true. 
It was met with looks of horror and disgust, sighs, and long pauses, followed by, "Really Mom?" 
I am sorry to report that I did not have many takers for the last few candy canes.
But I am HAPPY to report that me, being a genius, found a very important purpose for one amazing candy cane.
In true CrazyForKids style we planned a trunk-lunch.  This is where you park the car, open the back, pull out the cooler, make sandwiches to order, pass them out to the super-excited-to-be-missing-out-on-McDonalds-children (NOT!), then pat yourself on the back for saving 35 bucks. 
But on that particular day I had a dilemma.  I had no knife to spread the mayo.  This was a problem.
But never fear!  My genius came to the rescue!
I used a candy cane for a knife. 
Applause please!   
And there were many other people driving around the parking lot on that super crowded day, noticing that we were eating a trunk-lunch, and surely noticing that genius-lady using a candy cane for a knife! 
Then again, maybe they just wanted our parking spot. 
One lady even drove by about 3 times and finally shouted, just as I finished making sandwich #20, "Are you done eating yet!!!!?  I need a parking spot!!!"
I did not give her my parking spot.  But I did ask her if she would like a candy cane. 
And I then proceeded to gather up the kids, waved goodbye to Hubby and Paul (who decided to fit in a round of golf), and because we had several hours in between basketball games, I took the younger kids to the saltwater taffy store, arcade, and shopping.
Perhaps I am not a descendant of Benjamin Franklin after all.  But I am definitely a genius!


PattiLynn said...

Congrats, you ARE a genius!!

I found a markdown like that on candy canes once. I unboxed them and filled a gallon storage bag with the canes. They do last a looooong time as I have about half the bag left.

I'd gladly trade the half bag for some of that taffy! WOW! It's been forever since I've had taffy!

Ann said...

PattiLynn, come and visit and we will go to the taffy store together! Watermelon, rootbeer and cotton candy flavors are the best!