Thursday, March 26, 2015

San Francisco!

We had such a great time in San Francisco!  Thank you for your prayers for safe travel!  I am also happy to report that Paul got the job he was interviewing for, and Kim is feeling a bit better!  Please continue to pray for her to be completely healed. 
Our favorite part of the trip was time with family!  The cousins played and played!  We enjoyed going to my nephew's lacrosse games and getting a sewing lesson from my sister.  Other fun times included the Jelly Belly factory, Muirwoods, and the Golden Gate Bridge.   
Notice you do not see my boys.  They were in "tourist lockdown" and MIA.
This means they refused to get out of the car for a picture.
Another day was spent taking the train downtown.  We went to Fisherman's Warf and on a long city hike to find a store Lan Lan wanted to experience.  Lots of piggyback rides (and a stop at Starbuck's) kept the troops going.  And yes, there were some complaints! 

 We ate at a great Vietnamese restaurant.  Vu was in heaven!  And we made a world record of eating at In 'N Out THREE times!
And then we drove the 650 miles home!  Ugh!  But worth it!  A memorable trip and one that included many moments of pure joy! Praising God!

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