Thursday, April 30, 2015


Graduation is coming.  Whew!  I forgot how much work it is to have a graduating senior!  And we have one from college and one from high school (plus an 8th grader and 6th grader--but we don't really count those).
Before the calendar turns another page I wanted to say Happy Birthday to James and my mom! 
I LOVE having my mom live close by.  She is a most amazing woman and mother!  She blesses all our lives!  And I can't believe my first born is 32!  Wow!  Such a wonderful man with the kindest heart and gentle spirit.  And a great sense of humor and adventure!  Love you James!
We had planned on going to lunch at Chipotle (my treat) and we ended up going to an AWESOME lunch at a fancy-smancy restaurant where James works (his treat).  Yea, I'm not sure how that worked either, except that they give him a very good deal. 
Oh my!  We enjoyed our day so very much!  I love spending special time with James and his fiance', Hubby, my mom, and Lan Lan (who finds ever more advantages of being homeschooled!)
I didn't even get a good picture of Lan Lan.  But I did get a photo of her food.  Let's just say it was a step up from Chipotle!
And we did get a photo of the view--beautiful even on an overcast day.
Oh!  And here is how I sent birthday wishes to the birthday boy on his actual birthday.  He was at work and couldn't get together so I brought the party to him--balloon, cupcakes and candles!
Happy Birthday James!  And Happy Birthday Mom!  Love you both so much!

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