Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter And Suffering

Easter is a day of great rejoicing.  But I also think of all the suffering that occurred for Jesus, his family, disciples, and friends.  I am reminded again and again that God has a reason for suffering, even if I don't (and never will) understand this side of heaven.  
But there is also suffering that doesn't need to occur.  There is suffering that we can shield ourselves from, and protect our children from. 
I'm preparing to write a series of posts on relationships--specifically destructive relationships.  I feel very blessed to have a wonderful marriage relationship, but our son Joe did not.  And that is what I'm finally ready to talk about, in hopes that someone out there might benefit from my writing, and be spared unnecessary suffering. 
In the meantime, Easter was filled with egg dying, church, and brunch at Sweet Tomatoes.  There were multiple complaints about my need for pictures.  
And there were a few complaints about what the Easter Bunny did (or rather didn't) bring.  Although most of them have the Easter Bunny figured out, they did laugh at his (her) sense of humor.  Look closely!

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Love the candy canes!