Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cabin Fun

Last week end we had planned to go to the cabin, but Lan Lan and Vu were both still sick.  It was a bummer because we knew James and Tink would be there--and so half the family went ahead.  When the sickies woke up Saturday feeling better, we decided to load up the other car and head up to the mountain.  It's a long drive, but one of my life lessons is that even a short visit together with family is always worth it.
There is always fun at the cabin--this year the big hits were the tossing game (with challenge throws from the swings), cribbage and card games, and relaxing.  Yes.  We do love relaxing.  Although we are not always good at relaxing (as the Forest Gump picture proves--Hubby never seems to stop fixing and puttering!).  And it was a great time to get some photos! 
A TON of fishing ensued with LOTS of fish caught.  We generally catch-and-release, but sometimes they are beyond releasing once the hook is taken off.  The kids give them names, help clean them, and of course eat them!  Correction.  Some of the kids eat them.  Some do not like fish (or we would spend less time with that catch-and-release thing). 
Let the summer begin!

Friday, May 22, 2015

World's Best Nurse!

There's a new nurse in town.
And I'm quite sure she's one of the best in the world (not that I am biased!)!
First her pinning ceremony
And the next day official graduation.  There was a great speaker, Larree Renda, who spoke about the importance of our attitudes, especially during stressful circumstances.  Renda has had great heartache in life and lost her single-parent father when she was 16.  She put off college to bag groceries (and later rose to the level of executive VP), but said, “You see, we can’t always control what happens to us, but we absolutely can control our reaction to it.”  She wisely stated, "There will be setbacks, sadness, loss, grief, but don’t let that discourage you. That’s all part of living. It’s what makes us appreciate the good things in life and reminds us that our heart is capable of love and joy and happiness.”  She went on to talk about the importance of hard work, and that the harder she worked, the "luckier" she became. Very inspirational. 
Congrats Lizzy!  So proud of you and your accomplishment.  The world will be a better place because of you. 

Catching Up

The end of the school year is always a busy time--and this year seems especially so.
A surprise visit from Will--I had my kiddos together for exactly 30 minutes!  Happy Mommy!
 A trip to visit a dear friend:
Mariner's roadtrip--and Bobble-head day with Felix pitching!
 Evenings eating s'mores and having impromptu dance parties.
Art show:
Golf team for Paul:
My sister and niece came for a visit! And we really know how to show people a good time.  We took them to the library--but at least they had this fun photo booth!
Lots of spring cleaning--and kids enjoying making some extra money for extra chores:
End of year speeches and projects.  Can you guess who this bad-boy is from the 40's?  As we made Stalin's costume I was soo reminded of Jen Hatmaker's hysterical post.  It makes me laugh every year! 
Band concert by my Renaissance man!  Patrick nailed his first trumpet solo--as I sat in the stands thinking he was going to pass out and that I should have given him his inhaler.  A sidenote funny--Patrick says the girls dig trumpet players because trumpet players are known to have really strong lips--which theoretically makes them better kissers.  Yes, my little boy is growing up!  I do hope that any kissing is truly theoretical for a very long time.   Side-Sidenote:  Yes those shoes really do fit!  I think this kid is going to be tall!
And throw in a couple sick kids.  Lan Lan got hit the worst and landed herself in the ER for a fun night getting fluids.  She didn't get the memo that sickness is not allowed in the midst of busy May.