Saturday, May 30, 2015

Cabin Fun

Last week end we had planned to go to the cabin, but Lan Lan and Vu were both still sick.  It was a bummer because we knew James and Tink would be there--and so half the family went ahead.  When the sickies woke up Saturday feeling better, we decided to load up the other car and head up to the mountain.  It's a long drive, but one of my life lessons is that even a short visit together with family is always worth it.
There is always fun at the cabin--this year the big hits were the tossing game (with challenge throws from the swings), cribbage and card games, and relaxing.  Yes.  We do love relaxing.  Although we are not always good at relaxing (as the Forest Gump picture proves--Hubby never seems to stop fixing and puttering!).  And it was a great time to get some photos! 
A TON of fishing ensued with LOTS of fish caught.  We generally catch-and-release, but sometimes they are beyond releasing once the hook is taken off.  The kids give them names, help clean them, and of course eat them!  Correction.  Some of the kids eat them.  Some do not like fish (or we would spend less time with that catch-and-release thing). 
Let the summer begin!

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