Friday, May 22, 2015

Catching Up

The end of the school year is always a busy time--and this year seems especially so.
A surprise visit from Will--I had my kiddos together for exactly 30 minutes!  Happy Mommy!
 A trip to visit a dear friend:
Mariner's roadtrip--and Bobble-head day with Felix pitching!
 Evenings eating s'mores and having impromptu dance parties.
Art show:
Golf team for Paul:
My sister and niece came for a visit! And we really know how to show people a good time.  We took them to the library--but at least they had this fun photo booth!
Lots of spring cleaning--and kids enjoying making some extra money for extra chores:
End of year speeches and projects.  Can you guess who this bad-boy is from the 40's?  As we made Stalin's costume I was soo reminded of Jen Hatmaker's hysterical post.  It makes me laugh every year! 
Band concert by my Renaissance man!  Patrick nailed his first trumpet solo--as I sat in the stands thinking he was going to pass out and that I should have given him his inhaler.  A sidenote funny--Patrick says the girls dig trumpet players because trumpet players are known to have really strong lips--which theoretically makes them better kissers.  Yes, my little boy is growing up!  I do hope that any kissing is truly theoretical for a very long time.   Side-Sidenote:  Yes those shoes really do fit!  I think this kid is going to be tall!
And throw in a couple sick kids.  Lan Lan got hit the worst and landed herself in the ER for a fun night getting fluids.  She didn't get the memo that sickness is not allowed in the midst of busy May. 

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