Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Congrats Kim!

Oh-me-oh-my!  Crazy finish to the end of the school year.  Many HAPPY celebrations including cheering the latest grad!  YOU DID IT KIM!!!!
First came prom:
Then Senior Project Night with Kim's focus program in Child Development/Early Childhood Education

Then a big graduation party for Kimmie and Lizzie:
See that cake?  Yes, that one above.  It is not Lizzie's school colors.  It is not Kim's school colors.  It is not homemade.  It is not from a specialty bakery. 
I had big plans of making these cute graduation cupcakes magazine-worthy.  Then, I decided to go easy and pre-order a cake, combining both their school colors.  And then, the day before the graduation party, I decided a generic cake from Costco would be awesome!  That's how I roll these days!  It's called sanity.
Oh, and those balloons?  You will be seeing them again VERY soon! 
Finally the big day--GRADUATION!
School has not been easy for Kim--especially considering that in the last three years she had her final cleft surgery, unexpected neurosurgery, a major concussion where she missed weeks of school, and again this year, concussion-like symptoms where she missed so much school.  But SHE DID IT!!!

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Sally R said...

Congratulations Kim and mama!!! Well done!!!