Friday, June 12, 2015

Red Thread And Attachment

Several months ago I came upon this book at our public library:
It's based on an ancient Chinese proverb that I've loved since I heard it years ago,
"An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet
regardless of  time, place, or circumstance. 
The thread may stretch or tangle, but will never break."
After reading the book it made me think about how red thread is such a simple, yet powerful, symbol of connection.  Since that time I've started using a strand of red thread to become an attachment tool, especially for one child who is still learning to trust. 
When I have to be gone to an all-day training, and especially when I'm gone overnight, I leave a little red thread reminder.  It's reminder to my child that we are connected, even when I am gone; I am thinking of them and sending my love.
I sometimes tiptoe into my child's bedroom in the early morning and tie red embroidery floss from the bedpost to the closet handle.  When my child wakes up and stumbles out of bed they are caught in the reminder of my love.  Other times I leave a red thread somewhere in their room and the child enjoys a treasure hunt.  It's become a very special tradition. 
Red Thread = Love 

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Marie said...

A good timely reminder! We adopted our 4-year-old daughter at birth and have worked hard at both our strong attachment and with many of our daughter's fears and anxieties. She has a very keen sense of my presence or absence at any given time and truly struggles with my being at work during the day, although she is at home with Papa during that time. I already use little love notes and stickers as reminders of my love while I'm at work, as well as now speaking with her on the phone. I think your red thread ideas may be a great thing to add to our tools. I've seen the book and may need to add it to our library. Thanks again for the great idea.