Friday, July 24, 2015

Happy Birthday To A Couple Awesome Guys!

In finishing up birthday season I have to shout out to two of my favorite guys!  Happy Birthday Hubby and Paul!
You will often find them on the golf course-sometimes with their very own cart girl!
Paul's days of having his very own cart-girl (aka fan-club) go way back!
Paul lives and breathes golf (Hubby would too except for that thing called a job!).  But Paul has really figured it out because not only does he play golf, he also WORKS at a golf course! 
Paul is one of those easy-going people who is just plain fun to be with.  He is hysterically funny, mature, honest, insightful, and caring. 
I am sorry to inform his grandmother and aunts that he used his birthday money to get his ears pierced!  I tried to convince him he was going to look like a gangster rapper, but in the end I was the one who drove him to the earring store.  He had to have a parent signature since he's only 17.  I love that the lady didn't even question that I am his mother (very appreciated in transracial families!).
Next on the birthday list was Hubby!  Love this man!  In so many ways we are polar opposites, but we also have much in common including the love of books, travel, history, humor, kids, and life!  Hubby has such a heart for children and he is a great dad and granddad. 
Both Paul and Hubby chose a family favorite of delicious lemon cake--recipe to follow.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND LOVE YOU BOTH SO MUCH! 
Gram's Lemon Cake
Prepare lemon boxed cake according to directions except use milk for the water.  Use two round pans.  Cool. 
Prepare COOK & SERVE lemon pudding (Jello brand--do not use instant pudding).  Set aside to partially cool.
When cake is cool and pudding is beginning to set, spoon pudding in between the two layers of cake.  About half the pudding will be leftover.  Place cake in fridge to cool.
Whip 2 Cups heavy whipping cream with a mixer until thick and stiff (don't whip too much or it will turn to butter), add about 1/4 C. powdered sugar and 1 teaspoon vanilla extract.  Cover cooled cake with whipped cream.  Place frosted cake in fridge to cool. 
Delicious.  Light.  Cool.  Summer Happiness! 

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