Wednesday, July 22, 2015

On Pointe--Dreams Really Do Come True

Since the day she arrived home Lan Lan has wanted to dance!  In fact, one of the first things she told our Chinese social worker was that she hoped to someday be a real dancer!  Lan Lan came home in April, so dance classes were nearly over, but we were able to enroll her in a Chinese dance class.
But what she really wanted was to take ballet!  When she started in the fall she was over-the-moon excited!
Over the years her love of ballet has grown.  This year, she was in pre-pointe--hoping for her big dream of wearing toe shoes.  She had so much anxiety over whether or not she would make it!  She would pray every night that God would help her feet grow strong!
Lan Lan watched one of her favorite movies again and again--First Position.  And we read Taking Flight: From War Orphan to Star Ballerina, the story of Michaela DePrince.  Lan Lan really connected to Michaela's struggles and life history--such an inspirational story, but born from great tragedy. 
And then came the day Lan Lan's ballet teacher told her "You are getting your toe shoes!"
Soooo exciting!  A trip to the dance store was filled with so much happiness!  I truly doubt they have ever seen such an excited ballerina!
Lan Lan describes dancing on toe shoes as "a feeling of happiness, relaxation, and freedom."  She says, "I can feel the connection to God and I can truly be myself when I am dancing." 
She was "Morning" in "Peer Gynt" for her ballet recital.
Dreams really do come true!

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