Monday, August 3, 2015

We Miss You!

Forever in our hearts.  And never to be forgotten.  I am always at a loss for words on this day.  There is no way to describe my feelings other than to say my grief does gets lighter--but only because I get better at burying, and carrying, the pain.  I cannot wait for the day we will all be together again. 
When I look through photos I am reminded of all the good times and while it makes the tears flow, it also brings a smile.  So full of life and love!  Joe, I miss your smile, laughter, practical jokes, love for children and animals, giant hugs, and even all those popsicle wrappers you would leave around the house. 
            You are so loved.  You are so missed!

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Cadie said...

Beautiful pictures. Beautiful memories. I'm so sorry. But, I'm sure my Ry is keeping him busy in heaven! xoxo