Wednesday, September 9, 2015

What Is The Priority?

It's time for the first day of school pics.  I didn't get a single group picture.  Partly because they were all starting on different days, at different times, at different schools.  Partly because they were grumpy about pictures, and nervous about school, and most definitely did not want to be grouped for photos.
One kid tried to get away without a first day photo.  
But no such luck!  I tracked him down after school!
And even forced a photo of his new doo. 
Overall the days went well.  Even Lan Lan is trying a couple classes at the high school. 
First of the school year is a great time to make some goals and rethink life.  This year I've made it simple-easy. 
Every day, and several times through each day, I ask myself, "What is the priority?" 
I've been practicing this question throughout the day for the past couple weeks.  I'm surprised how often the answer is different from what I'm currently doing. 
The priority is often making a small change to meet a true priority--like making sure I leave in time to make it to a child's activity.
Sometimes it's making a bigger change, such as turning down a volunteer opportunity, so that life will be less stressful.  Or it can be saying "yes" because that volunteer organization is a true priority, even though it will complicate life.
It's getting enough sleep, making an extra vegetable at dinner, being patient--even when my kids get a load of homework the first day of school.  (Sigh.)  It's putting my phone away to completely stay in the moment, and it's tightening the budget in order to plan an important trip.  It's balancing the needs of many, while still prioritizing who needs what, when.   
It's living life with intention. 
Here's to a successful school year--keeping priorities at the forefront!

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