Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Girl On The Go!

This girl is always up to something exciting! 
Lan Lan recently flew solo to visit family friends in Arizona.  I didn't think it would happen this summer, but Lan Lan offered to pay for half her ticket.  My good friend, April, adopted Gemma, a friend of Lan Lan's from China, and the two girls had a wonderful time reconnecting!  April is a professional photographer so we received some beautiful photos of the reunion (also including a friend of Gemma's)
Lan Lan said she felt so very grown up flying all alone!
And then she decided to cut 10 inches off her hair and donate it to women with breast cancer. 
She wrote an article on parenting adopted children and now she is working on a video with Holt to advocate for special needs adoption.   
Watch out world!  This girl is on the go!
Eating lunch with a special tutor and mentor

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