Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Feeding A Crowd--Taco Tuesday!

A family favorite is Taco Tuesday (and yes, the Lego Movie made Taco Tuesday even better!)!
It's also one of our go-to meals when we have company.  Everyone loves some part of Taco Tuesday, even vegetarians and kids who prefer quesadillas. 
Guess who likes meatless tacos?  Patrick says, I'm 95% herbivore. 
Spicy rice is also important.  Love this brand--Near East Rice Pilaf Spanish Rice.  It's especially good with a can of black beans added the last five minutes of cooking. 
Love the kid holding the box even more!
The key for supreme tacos is to fry the tortillas in oil.  Heat up about 3/4 " olive oil in a flying pan over medium heat. Watch the tortilla carefully and flip with tongs when golden brown, placing folded on a paper towel when done.  You can get two pans going when serving a crowd. 
For taco meat I brown 2+ pounds hamburger and add the powdered taco seasoning sold at Costco.  And then of course you need all the toppings, especially if there is company, and this includes guacamole, sour cream, grated cheese, olives, lettuce, tomatoes, and salsa.  Sides of corn chips, olives, and fruit complete the meal.  Yum! 
Serving it buffet style works well for a crowd.
Don't let that frown fool you.  Patrick loves Taco Tuesday.  He just doesn't like it when he is hungry and I want to get a photo for my blog! 

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