Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We're Going To China!

The last two times I had that title I was going to China to bring home my child.  What excitement!
This time, I won't be bringing home my own child, but hopefully I will be bringing back the opportunity for a child to become someone else's child.  Maybe yours?  The trip is filled with the excitement of hope for a child--and their future family.
Lan Lan, Mei Mei, and I are heading to China on an ambassador trip with our adoption agency.  We will have the opportunity to work with children in an orphanage, get to know them, advocate for adoption in general with orphanage staff, and then come home and advocate for the children we have met.  What an honor and privilege to have this opportunity. 
We've had a lot of excitement around here lately.  We attended our adoption agency's auction, raising funds for the Special Needs Adoption Fund. 
Hubby flew in at the last minute after a week-long trip to Korea.  Somehow I didn't get a picture of James and my mom, who also attended.
It was Mei Mei's birthday, so she was first on the family list to attend.  And her day was extra special when our friend Debbie arranged for all the dinner guests to sing her Happy Birthday.  Pure delight!  How I love Mei Mei's joy for life! 
And Lan Lan helped make an inspirational video for the auction and then she was a guest speaker.  Six years ago my friend April called and told us about a new Chinese program placing older children.  April was adopting and wondered if we might be thinking of adoption too?  We didn't think so, but God had other plans!  This is one of the first photos we saw of Lan Lan.  Be still my heart. 
Eighteen months later, she was our daughter. 

It has been miraculous to see Lan Lan unfold her wings and begin to soar.  She has overcome so much.  This girl has a passion for life, orphans, child welfare, special needs, and adoption--watch out world!
Stay tuned for details of our upcoming trip to China.

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