Friday, November 20, 2015

The Day We Met The Kids

Our first full day in China we met the kids.  We slept well the night before, out of the pure exhaustion, and we unexpectedly had very little jet lag despite the 16 hour difference.  We had a delicious Chinese breakfast--we especially loved the noodles and I am happy to report that after a week my chopsticks skills improved!  Mei Mei ate several plates of food everyday.  I promise, we do feed her at home! 
Then, it was time to meet the kids.
I can't really describe that first morning.  It was excitement and sadness all rolled into one.  We were all in a large conference room and the kids sat in front of us, all lined up in chairs.  The kids had their backs to us, but I knew immediately which child was "ours"--Yum Yum.  My heart strings pulled.  I had seen his photo before we had arrived, but seeing him in real life was, well, SO REAL.  He moved and giggled.  I just wanted to watch him, and yet we had many officials making speeches.  At that point we weren't sure who our second child would be.
We watched a video and then . . . the kids came up front and they sang the same song Lan Lan had when she participated in her Journey of Hope.  It was all I could do to keep from crying, because I knew if I let the tears start they would never stop!  I was so emotional I didn't get a single picture.  Lan Lan has told me the song means a child wants a better life and love.  Sob!  Lan Lan had been in Holt's first Journey of Hope in 2009.  My good friend April called to ask if maybe we were thinking of adopting again?  Memories. 
After a few more songs and entertainment, we had the hand-holding ceremony.  We got to meet Yum Yum up close and personal, and he immediately grasped my hand.  We also met "our" second little one, Lee Lee.  Lee Lee was shy, scared, and sweet, with such a gentle spirit.  We would get to spend the next four days with these treasures (at night they stayed with their nannies). 

At lunch, the kids ate with us.  There is nothing like watching kids experience a buffet for the first time in their lives.  Such excitement, happiness, and disbelief!  We were told Lee Lee couldn't eat too much (we never understood why, but she is well fed).  Yum Yum especially loved the fried meats! 
After lunch we had time for crafts and more entertainment with the kids.  It was exciting, beautiful, moving, overwhelming, and desperately sad to know all these sweet children are waiting for families.  Each and every child was beautiful, with their own story to tell, and yet they all had one thing in common--the deep desire to belong and be loved by their very own family. 

I've saved the craft that Yum Yum and Lee Lee made.  They adorn my dresser and I look at them first thing in the morning, and last thing before falling asleep.  I dream of the day I  will be able to send them to their forever families.   If you think that might be you please contact Jessica, at Holt International, for more information.  The kids are listed on Holt's Waiting Child listing.  Yum Yum is listed as "Phillip" and Lee Lee is listed as "Ione."  They want and need a family of their own!

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

Hey! We met in China! I wrote about a couple of the kids in our group. I'd love to get some more info about the kids you met so I can write about them, too!