Sunday, November 15, 2015

To China And Back--Advocating For Two Beautiful Children

Did I really go to China and back since we last talked?
It seems like a lifetime ago.  And my life is forever changed. 
Before I left I knew I would feel heartbroken over the children.  Which was actually my plan because I didn't want to protect my heart from that brokenness.  My heart did not disappoint. 
A few of the children singing

Since returning home I have spent time advocating for all the children, but especially the two that we were directly working with.  Each and every child deserves the love of a family and these two are simply precious.
Meet "Philip" and "Ione" who are currently with Holt International.  I will be writing a lot more here but for now look into their beautiful faces, pray for them, and share their need for a family.
Nine--year-old Philip desperately wants a family.  He said over and over again that he wants a mama (baba and siblings too!)--he said he would even take an old white-haired grandma-mom!  This made me both laugh and cry.  Philip is personality plus!  He is cute, loving, funny, and intelligent.  He is full of joy.  Philip has vision impairment but can easily navigate the world. 
Six-year-old Ione is sweet and shy, with a gentle spirit.  She loved making bracelets and pushing the baby stroller.  She has an adorable, impish grin, great determination, and a deep soul.  Ione had surgery on her spine for a tumor (perhaps Spinal bifida?) and she walks with a stiff gate, but she walked all day at the zoo quite well.  She can run and use stairs.  She has developmental delays, but with the love and care of a family she will be able to reach her full potential. 
For more information on "Philip" or "Ione" please contact Holt International and ask to talk to Jessica Zeeb:  541-687-2202.  You can read more about them and request information on Holt's Waiting Child Listing. 
Perhaps "Philip" or "Ione" are meant for your family?

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