Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015

Christmas break is going so fast!  And I realize more than ever that all my babies are growing up!  And that means that having them all home at the same time is becoming nearly non-existent! 
Christmas Eve included church and skyping with Will and his family.  Later in the evening the Christmas Elf brought Star Wars pjs and then most of the big kids spent the night.
 On Christmas I didn't take many pictures--and most of those didn't turn out.  I really just wanted to soak in the joy.  We have much to be thankful for this year. 
The next day we headed up to my sister's cabin, which is always fun!  LOTS of snow this year, and all the kids got a chance to drive snowmobiles.  Some excited kiddos! 
 Yes, all those photos were really necessary!  The last night we had a bonfire and then released Chinese lanterns.  I always think of the movie Tangled.  We write our hopes and dreams for the new year and then release the lanterns into the night sky.  It's always magical! 

There was also a tutorial of making cinnamon rolls (I'm married to a fabulous baker and should weigh 2,000 pounds!) and the kids made homemade ice cream.
And then we started the long drive home--which included the freeway closing mid-trip due to black ice and accidents.  Yikes!  We spent several hours in a small town (thank you hometown pizza parlor and Walmart!), and then carefully drove the rest of the way home, praying for safety all the way!

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Shecki Grtlyblesd said...

We've tried to release Chinese lanterns, and it's never gone well for us. Any tips?