Saturday, December 19, 2015

Santa and Mrs. Claus Sit Courtside

Every year at Christmas time, Hubby and I get away for the weekend to fill Santa's sleigh.   We shop 'til we drop, but also make time for us.  It's a great break in the midst of craziness.  Sometimes we stay in a hotel, but we've also stayed in campground yurts.  We have some funny stories about freezing cold yurts and the lack of romantic dreams, but really, it's about time together.
This year several of our kids had "a box of food" on their Santa list.  I guess you know your kids are from a big family when they want food for Christmas!  The grocery store was one of our first stops.  It was embarrassing to check out with an entire cart of junk food, but I know there will be some happy kids!
And we had planned to go to the movie in the evening, but James called and invited us to the Blazer game.  He had received four tickets from a very generous acquaintance. 
Four COURTSIDE tickets. 
Our son must know how to hobnob with the right people!  It was AMAZING!!!  And James might just be my new favorite son! 

In all seriousness, it does make my mommy heart happy that he invited his family when he could have invited his friends. 
First, dinner with some fancy shmancy food. 
Patrick was the lucky recipient of the fourth ticket.  He LOVES basketball! 

Do James and Patrick look like twins separated at birth or what? 
Nineteen years apart, almost to the day.  (Nothing like calling your freshman at college and saying, "Guess what!?  Mommy's pregnant!"  Ha!)
And then the game.  Wow.  Just wow.  Those guys are so big!  I never realized how much fun they have during warm-ups.  It's awesome seeing the game up-close and personal!
I might never be able to sit in our normal nose-bleed section again! 
A very special night with some very awesome people!  Thankful for the generosity and love! 

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