Monday, January 4, 2016

Mei Mei

It's true that life sometimes just isn't fair.  Poor Mei Mei has had more than her fair share of medical and dental challenges.  Mei Mei's impacted wisdom teeth had to be pulled because they were dissolving the roots of her other molars.  She doesn't like to miss school so we decided to do it the only day they had available, December 30.  Happy Birthday to me.  (You know you're getting older when you're willing to take your child to get their wisdom teeth pulled even though it's your birthday!)  Vu went along too for emotional support.  Sweet boy.

What a nice Christmas present for Mei Me, huh?  And because of insurance deductables, I had already scheduled several other appointments for December.  In the last month alone this poor child had the following appointments: 2 doctor, 1 eye doctor, 2 additional visits for immunizations, 1 orthodontist, 4 speech, and 2 oral surgeon appointments.

I am happy to report that Mei Mei recovered quickly.  We spoiled her with Jamba Juice, milkshakes, a new cozy Olaf blanket, a Star Wars pillow, and her choice of something off Amazon (she chose a Darth Vader charger and his eyes light up). Shhhh.  Don't tell Hubby we bought her so much stuff.  I may have gone a bit overboard as a way of assuaging my guilt. 

She recovered so well that we were able to join my mom, and sister's family for a special dinner at Spaghetti Factory.  Yum!
Love Mei Mei so much and I hate to see her suffer!  I think she's is now free of any appointments for the next several months!  Whew!

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