Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Sometimes Turning 14 Is Tragic

Vu just turned 14.  As I shared in my last post, his special day was filled with fun and I loved reflecting on my sweet little boy who is growing up into a young teen.  Patrick is just a few weeks behind Vu and Lan Lan hit the big one-four in June.  We'll soon have THREE fourteen-year-olds in the house. 
But what has become tremendously stuck into my heart in this season of birthdays is that 14 is SO YOUNG. 
And 14 is the age at which children "age out" in China.  The day of their 14th birthday they can no longer be adopted.  And soon after that day, if not before, they will no longer live in the orphanage.  The future for a child who remains an orphan is very bleak.  We can only imagine the traumatic life that often occurs for children who are on their own at such a young age.
It's heartbreaking.  It's reality.
For many children, turning 14 is tragic.  Please consider adopting an older child. 

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